Golden Jubilee From a Christian Perspective in Unbiased Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone gained independence from Britain on twenty seventh April 1961. This Golden Jubilee has attracted quite a few Sierra Leoneans, together with Christians who just take a glance at the Bible to bring out the indicating of Jubilee, a period of time of relative independence and rest, redemption of the land, the accumulation of house etcetera. It was Winston Churchill who once pointed out that ‘the farther backward one particular goes, the farther forward he could see’. The church has performed a quite vital part in the enhancement of the Province of Independence and should revamp its interest in education and learning to regain its adored position in society.

Need to we rejoice 50 a long time of independence?

At eleven:55 p.m. on twenty sixth April 1961, the Union Jack (the flag of Britain) was decreased in the midst of a dim qualifications with only a dim light penetrating on the flag as it came down. By the time the green, white and blue horizontal stripes (Sierra Leone’s countrywide flag) was hoisted, it was the dawn of a new ear – twenty seventh April 1961. When Clifford Fyle composed the Nationwide Anthem, the really 1st line describes Sierra Leone as the ‘realm of the free’. The date 27th April was a deliberate selection given that it was the pretty day that the Hut Tax War started off in 1898. This demonstration was managed by Bai Bureh/Kebalai who desired his people today to be totally free.

As Sierra Leoneans take a look back about the past fifty many years, they could quickly determine the good, lousy and unattractive. This has led to a thorny debate in the country. Ought to we celebrate fifty decades of independence? That is the problem.
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Some say no and other folks answer in the affirmative. Due to the fact men and women are normally the solution of their social or financial course, ethnicity, gender, upbringing and paradoxically biases and interests, these components and some others could color the conclusions to which they appear. Whatever may possibly be the views of folks, it is obvious that the nation would need to acquire inventory of its strengths, weaknesses, chances and threats. It would be meaningless to repeat previous faults. They ought to be corrected and an area for the church is to revamp its commitment to high quality training.

Indicating of Jubilee in the context of Christianity

Lev. 25 specially paints the photograph of the significance of the fiftieth year in the life of the Jews. This is the equal of seven Sabbath yrs (a overall of forty nine years) additionally a yr. The fiftieth calendar year, between other things should really be a single of relaxation a period when land is restored and slaves are cost-free and when individuals try to eat what was planted the yr. This is a time to revamp the ideals of flexibility that the Abolitionists (Granville Sharpe, Williams Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson and some others) had for the African.

Province of Independence/Granville Town/Establishment of the colony in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone did not get the title ‘Province of Freedom’ by chance. When Lord Main Justice Mansfield declared slavery illegal in Britain in 1772, every slave who managed to established foot on British soil finally turned free of charge. The quantity of freed slaves in Britain greater just after the British missing the American War of Independence received by the thirteen colonies. The slaves who fought on the side of Britain were being promised independence and land for their expert services. They joined their ‘brethren’ when the war finished in 1783 and the improved range of slaves soon posed a social issue. Flexibility never ever intended equality with the British citizens and they experienced discrimination. A lot of lived by begging and some were being robbers. Britain started off hunting for techniques to finish this social menace brought on by the Black Lousy, a generic title specified to these Africans who came from numerous cultural backgrounds. This degrading title was also self-explanatory given that they were being blacks who were bad.

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