What Are Great Backpacks for College?

You’re asking yourself, what are some awesome backpacks for college?

Of course, they should look great, but you ultimately want to carry a lot of things, don’t you? Right, so we need to search for backpacks which have plenty of compartments, or at least enough storage for what you need.

When you’re going to college and use a laptop, you might as well look for backpack that has a designated laptop compartment. Don’t forget to check whether your laptop fits into it. Usually, you can find out which laptop sizes fit in the product description. Another important factor for college students is the price of a backpack, there is rarely a lot of money in the pocket and you should look for affordable ones. Good news, there are many backpacks that are durable and suitable, even if they are not super-expensive. Always consider, you’re very likely to use it for years and that’s why you should never buy a super-cheap low-quality backpack.

Before hastily purchasing the first backpack you find, you might want to find several backpacks that are suitable for you and read customer reviews. Those reviews can easily help on deciding for a specific one. The reviews can even save you from getting an unsuitable backpack. For example, if you find out your desired backpack has many bad customer reviews, you might want to find another one. Of course, they can still be good, but it’s not worth the trouble. Find backpacks which have several hundred super-positive reviews, it is almost certain that you’ll like them as well. Most of the time, the customers write about how durable they are.

Apart from compartments and durability, comfort is very important, check whether the backpack has padded shoulder straps or features that distribute the weight evenly across the body. Think about, how heavy your backpacks or bags are, usually. The heavier, the more important is comfort. In this case, you might read customer reviews more carefully, you can mostly find several reviews about the comfort.

To help you further, here’s a short sample checklist you may use when you have found a great backpack and before purchasing:

Looks great
Affordable price
Enough storage
(Laptop compartment)
Positive customer reviews
Hopefully, you’ll find awesome backpacks that pass the checklist. Of course, feel free to change the checklist, everyone has different requirements. If you like, you can find backpacks that are suitable for college use in the resource section.

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