Fashionable scarves – How to choose the right kind of scarf!


The scarf season is approaching. (Which is pretty much the whole year!) Be prepared when the cool breeze hits the city and stay smart and at the same time protect the cooling function. There are many models to choose from, but some reminders that you should never forget when choosing the right model for yourself.

Neutral colors blend with almost everything. The long, narrow scarves go well with a pair of skinny jeans and a very suave jacket. Of course, the monochromatic battle is always the safest choice, but the texture breaks the image and makes sharp and clear. Contrast the metallic elements of the garment with pieces with a soft texture.

Break monotony and then pack with exciting colors that make you out of the crowd. Do you have black today? Add a touch of yellow to break the monotony of the outfit. The bright colors can not only make your day, but they soften the amount of your winter clothes. Add texture with pieces of cashmere, knitwear and wool.

Decorate it for more casual days and a walk in the cafe? Mix a long cashmere scarf and tie it with your buttoned shirt. Do not try to connect a long thin garment with clothed clothing. Shuffle and match based on the apartment, as random matching may not work for you.

For the more elegant apartments as an official event, place a beautiful piece of pashmina on the neck with one end to the front and one in the back. Remember the length of the item, it is possible that short dresses and short dresses do not suit you. Match the color of your scarf with the pattern on your dress.

Always for formal occasions, the limitation of the addition of colors applies. It is preferable that the scarves have the impression of being part of the dress rather than being a separate part added randomly for comfort. Adaptation may not be such a bad idea for dress apartments. Add a brooch with jewels to your beautiful scarf. It will remain in place and remain elegant.

Men should not worry about matching these accessories with their formal wear. Neutral is best suited for evening wear. Nothing stupid should be done and apply what you have read about incorporating texture into your clothing. With that, the association of scarves with everyday wear would be a breeze.

How scarves! Finding the right dress for your body shape is a MUST to have a great look. Choose a white cashmere scarf. Undoubtedly, the most popular men’s scarves today are Men’s Aviator Scarf, which has made a winning comeback and undoubtedly is the choice of almost everyone.

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